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How to Choose Assisted Living

It is important that each and every one of us realize that nine times out of ten, when we are looking at the long term care option entitled Assisted Living, there is often a crisis or perhaps, a definite reason. Keep in mind, you are not buying merchandise. You are seeking a secure, pleasant environment that offers excellent care and an optimum quality of life for your loved one.

MOST IMPORTANT: Go to licensed facilities. The facility is inspected on a regular basis. Regulations and standards for operation must be followed and met according to the laws established within the state. Visit a number of facilities in order to compare. Remember your parent, family member or friend's needs, and likes and dislikes. Also keep in mind the type of ALF they need. Know your relative and friend.


Inquire about the ownership, management, and administration of the Assisted Living Facility (ALF).
- How long has the company operated the facility?
- What are the background/ experience of the individuals who are currently running the ALF?
- What days and times are they available for the residents and you, the caregiver?

Ask about the number of residents who live at the ALF and the number of residents who are
licensed to reside.

- Discern the staff to resident ratio.
- How many staff work at the ALF and when?

Understand the scope of care.

- Does the facility offer assistance in the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)?
.. (These activities are: eating, ambulating, bathing, toileting etc.)

Consider the services offered.

- What is included in the resident fee?
- What is additional?
- Is the room one fee and all other needs are charged accordingly?
- Is food covered?
- Is food limited to three meals a day?
- Is hairstyling offered and is there an extra charge?
- What supplies are included in the fee?
- How often are showers provided?
- What are the activities offered?

Discuss the House Rules.

- What are the visiting hours?
- If your loved one is no longer able to walk is he or she asked to leave or moved to another facility?

Discuss the fees.
- How often are the rates changed?
- Is there a deposit or community fee?
- What is refundable?

Visit the facility several times and at different times. Ask for references. Word of mouth is important. Speak to past and current caregivers of residents.

Continue to ask questions. Information is key to the placement decision. If you are unsure about a facility, please call me at 904.829.2341 as I have lived in this community for 16 years. If our facility is not a match for your loved one, I would be happy to refer to one that might be more suitable for his/her needs. There are a number of excellent ALFs in the geographic area.


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